Terms and conditions

Both purchaser and seller conclude a purchase contract, whose subject is the goods, which is offered by the seller and booked by a purchaser in the given amount and range. The contract is concluded when the purchaser sends his/her order. The E-shop obliges to deliver the goods which the client ordered within the framework of the online shopping and with the only exception of sell-out. The seller confirms the order and the goods will be sent to the address given by the purchaser.

The bill of the goods serves as the document of guarantee at the same time. (The client receives the bill with the ordered goods, if it is not decided differently).

The payment

Cash on delivery – you can use this opportunity by all kinds of transport (The opportunity of the cash delivery can be applied only in the Czech Republic).
Prepayment by credit – The purchaser pays by credit on the ground of personal data which will be generated and sent on the mentioned email address.
Cash by taking the delivery – This opportunity is possible only by the personal offtake in our shop in Havlíčkův Brod.
Bill – We enable payment by bill to selected purchasers (Concerning the purchasers, who have a long-term business history with us).


The purchaser has, in conformity with the legal regulations, the right to withdraw for no mentioned reasons in 14 days from taking the delivery, in case that he/she ordered the goods and it was delivered to him/her. If the purchaser decides to withdraw in this period, it is necessary to fulfil the following conditions:

a) He must send a letter on the address of the seller (preferably via e-mail) with the corresponding text:

“I, one-sidedly, want to withdraw from the day …………… Nr. ……………………. (Number of the bill) and I require refund for the goods in amount of ………………….. CZK on the bank account ………………. (number of your bank account) or to the address ………………………….” The date and your signature.
b) You must deliver the goods with the attached copy of the above mentioned letter to the below mentioned address of the seller. (The original amount is paid to the purchaser, and so the postage, but not its costs connected to the posting of the goods back).

KTV Technology s.r.o., Pražská 2293, 58001 Havlíčkův Brod, the Czech Republic

The goods which is sent and delivered back to the address of the seller must not be damaged, has to be complete (including accessories, instruction leaflet a.s.) and must be with the copy of the document of the purchase. If possible, send the goods in the original or in another suitable cover which will prevent the damage of the product. Do not send the goods per cash on delivery – It will not be taken. We recommend to insure the goods.

If you do not follow some of the mentioned conditions, the seller has the right to refuse the returned goods or the right to bring down the amount, which the goods will be taken back for.

c) When you fulfil all the higher mentioned conditions for returning of the goods, we will send the amount of money (preferably per transfer on the bank account of the purchaser, if it is announced to the seller) not later than 3 work days from the physical receiving of the goods. It is possible to pay cash the corresponding amount by the personal handover.

d) In case that the purchaser does not fulfil the higher mentioned conditions, the rightful withdrawal will not be reached. The delivered goods will be returned on the expenses of the purchaser.

The seller has then the right to charge another caused expenses for the purchaser.

The guarantee

The guarantee conditions are determined by the general mandatory legal regulations. Please contact us for further information in case of guarantee of our goods. The guarantee conditions follow the Czech law system.

The protection of information

The seller announces that all the personal data is secret and it will be used only to realization of fulfilment of the purchase contract which is concluded with him . These personal data will not be differently published, provided to a third person a.s., with the exception of the necessary needs of the seller connected to the realisation of this business (the cases which relate with the distribution or payment intercourse which is related to the ordered goods –name, contact and address of the delivery to the carrier of the goods). The seller contracts to delete all the personal data of a customer from the customer database when he/she wishes that without showing any supportable reasons.

The restriction of responsibility

The seller has no responsibility for random, unusual or indirect damages including lost profit, discontinuance of enterprise, loss of the dates, bodily harm or any property or no property loss, even if the seller was informed about these possibilities of cause of these damages.

Final assignments

Conduct of business of an online shop follows the valid rules in this kind of business. In case that some conditions are not clear (or the purchaser would suppose that they are incomplete), the seller will provide all the necessary consultations and explanations.

In case that a damage occurs in the 2-year guarantee period, it is necessary to distinguish between substantial and insubstantial contravention of the purchase contract. The purchaser can choose if he/she wants to change, repair or he/she can withdraw or demand a price reduction in the former case. In the latter case of insubstantial contravention, the purchaser can demand the removal of defects or a price reduction. The purchaser can withdraw only if the seller refuses to remove the defect or he/she does not manage it on time.

Opportunity of price reduction by the reclaim

The seller is by reclaims responsible for that that the goods is not damaged. If the seller provides flawed goods, the purchaser has the right on change or repair. If any of these two options is not possible, the purchaser can withdraw. The seller also can offer the price reduction when some defects occur.

Concluding of the business relationship is related to the legal system of the Czech Republic.

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