The advice for shopping

1. Choose a category which you are interested in in our catalogue, which can be found on the left side of our website.

2. If you click on a category, you will expand its further subcategories. You can also choose of the current menu on the main page or you can alternatively look the goods up using the field “search” which can be found on the upper left side of our page. You can enter here a code or a name of the goods or a part, part of its numeral sign and the like.

3. Add the chosen product to the basket when you click on the button “Add to basket”.

4. Before you add the goods to the basket, you can specify the number of pieces you would like to buy by individual items. Continue in this way until you choose all the products you are interested in.

5. It is possible to control continuously the state of the basket on the upper right side of our online shop. You can arbitrarily delete or change the number of individual items in the basket of your own accord.

6. If you think that you have chosen everything and you want to send your order, go to the higher mentioned “basket” where you possibly can change the number of items, alternatively delete the individual items.

7. Then follow the intuitive guide which will lead you from the entering of the delivery address, through the choice of the way of delivery and to the mandatory sending off of the order.

8. We wish you a pleasant shopping. Your

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